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newbie from Acton

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Stumbled onto this site researching guit stuff.
Anywho..great info on all threads. Will get more
involved as time goes on. I'll start with my equipment
as well;
'66 harmony rocket (h56) w/ tremolo
'71 yamaha fg 180 (red label)
70's gession 'love power' lp (lawsuit)
el Degas classical
saturn classical
'85 gibson SG custom
'87 washburn RS-10v
'92 Joe Pass Epi
mid 70's hiwatt custom 100
80's marshall 5275 with celestion sidewinder
that's all fer now.
asta la pizza.
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Welcome to the forums, lots of useful info for newbs on here, though with your collection I doubt your a newbie :).
hey laristotle...
welcome to the board.....
nice llist of gear you have....there...I bet some of it plays a sweet tune or two....

I hope you will enjoy the forum...

tnx y'all

By 'newbie', I'm mean forum involvement.
Been playing for 30+ yrs. Still learnin'.
Started off hard, influenced by Iommi,
Nuge, al. Basically my motto is
let your fingers do the walking, if it feels good,
go with it. Arthritis is startin' to creep through
my left hand so I'm getting more into blues

ciao fer now.
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Hey, welcome to the forum, it's a tonne of fun : )

Acton eh...I was in the derby last spring up there haha...A school here in Oakville asked me to drive for the...couldn't pass it was CRAZY
Ya mon. It's worth the drive.
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I live a little North of you in Orangeville. Welcome to the forums.
Tnx TDU.
The closest I've been to O'ville was in Grand Valley
a few yrs back. My buddy WAR (former Slash of
Gunz n'fn' Rosez) was playing in a farmer's field.
A sort'a multi-band festival with a low turnout
due to rain. Goddo showed up for a cameo performance.
Man that was cool. Talked with Greg for a while about the
old days (I spoke about growing up in his neighbourhood
and his purple Fludd bus). Gino Scarpelli's fingers never
seem to age. Checked out your MySpace. Cool rockabilly.
I'll have to check out a show some day.
ciao fer now. :food-smiley-004:
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laristotle said:
Ya mon. It's worth the drive.

LOL. I remember that slogan (the Leather Factory or Tannery or something?). I grew up on a farm just outside of Georgetown. Been to, er, through Acton many times. I've been in Calgary for the last 17 yrs or so. Welcome to the fora.


The Olde Hide House references take me back to a much more innocent time.

Welcome to the forums bruddah.
It's still there. A little pricey for some, but
worth the quality. My neighbour still wears
the same coat she bought 25 yrs ago and
looks/smells brand new.
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