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Well, the basics are:

- tube amps sound best when cranked

- SS basically sound the same at low volumes as they do high, though lots tend to get really harsh to the ear when loud (Marshall MG series is a perfect example)

- tube amps require more maintenance than SS

- SS amps, if they ever need repairing, will cost quite a bit (so I've heard, never had to repair one)

- tube amps sound warmer and more pleasant to the ear

- SS can sound semi-warm, but can't match that of a tube amp... some sound really good though (Roland Jazz Chorus, best cleans I've played with)

- tube amps REALLY react to the dynamics of your fingers in comparison to SS

- tube amps volume is louder to the ear than SS

- pedals react better to tube amps than SS

- medium and high output pickups react better to tube amps... high output ones like a Dimarzio X2N can drive the tube amp to total overdrive without having to adjust the gain on the amplifier

Those are some quick ones I've realized from my experience... I'm sure someone who has been playing more than a year (I've only played a year so far) can tell you a lot more about the technical aspects of it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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