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I'm no pro and I wouldn't be able to tell you to use such and such scale or mode.
Listening to the take you posted makes think you lack experience and fretboard knowledge.
You may be stuck in one pattern that you simply repeat all over the neck.
You need to learn different scales, i.e. phrygian, myxolidian, etc...

Generate your experience by listening to other style of music.
I understand that metal is what you like and want to play but if you read about most of your preffered players you will find out they all know how to play other styles too.
Then they take what they learn in those other styles and apply that to the style they want to play.

I'm not a metal fan but from what I have listen to, I find that a lot of classical patterns are being used by metal players. Take out the distorted sound and electric guitar and you could play all that on a nylon acoustic, and it will sound good.

You definitely have some chops, no question about it.
All you need now is to broaden your knowledge and you'll be playing solos that will make people go WOW!
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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