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New PRS SE's.....FAB !!!!!!

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Hi All
I played the new PRS SE One and SE Custom Semi-Hollowbody last night. Both are simply fabulous.
The SE One is perhaps the sexiest guitar that PRS has ever made. Drool Their very cool single cut shape finished in a beautiful three colour burst and a tortoise pickguard. I love it's direct simple nature. One cutaway, one P-90, one volume, all mahogany and .......lets ROCK !!!!!!! The obvious connect to the early LP Jr. goes almost without saying but there is the unmistakeable PRS vibe and quality here. I guess they must have a repesentative from PRS stand over the build operation in Korea and tell them what is acceptable and what is not. Cause this guitar is every bit the quality of their US made brothers.
While playing it in a store is not the best place to make a complete judgement about a guitar, I did feel the pickup itself might have been a bit weak. That was my only (slightly) negative felling about the whole thing. However, that pickup did not sound bad by any means. It wouldn't (and won't) stop me from buying one. And speaking of buying one.....get this.....$460.00. :eek:Stop me from having a seizure !!!!!!
The PRS SE Custom Semi-Hollowbody is a dream come true. Imagine all those high quality things I just said about the SE One in a double cut, mahogany body, natural flame top, hollowbody PRS with two great humbuckers that looks great and costs $679. !!!!!!!!! ($629 for a non-flame opaque colour version) The playability and ease of this guitar is astounding. Sits well balanced, neck was a comfortable wide-fat thickness and it was amazing sounding.
I highly recommend either (or both :wink:) of these. Imagine, two great guitars, with a legendary name like PRS on them, brand new for about $1100 !!!!!!
Go check them out. I played both these at the Guitar Shop on Lakeshore in Oakville. (Thanks to Ryan there who was extremely helpful.) But I'm sure other PRS dealers have either got them or they are on the way.

P.S. They also have the new PRS McCarty SC 245.......The Les Paul Gibson wished they had made.....Incredible !!!!!! Okay that's another thread.
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YES! Thank you so much for posting a first-hand Canadian review of these guitars. One of these guitars is next on my list and it's encouraging to hear that the quality is top-notch just like the rest of their SE line. Thanks again!
Yeah they really are great "bang for the buck" instruments. I played a Tremonti at Encore Music Exchange about a month ago and even though it's a less expensive guitar, the PRS quality is definitely there.
Okay Doctor, great words on the SEs, but I need to know your impressions of the SC245. Please elaborate oh Toneful One!-Eric
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