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After a bit of wait. I received my new Arcane Inc bridge pickup.
I found myself looking for a pickup that had the clarity of a vintage output humbucker, but with output similar to my EMG 85. I know, good luck huh?lol
He pretty much nailed it with this pickup. The name of this model is new. It's now called the "13". But for the first few years he made it, it was called the "Mr Scary". Yes, yet another George Lynch signature pickup.
I'm not a huge Lynch or Dokken fan, but his live tone the last little while has been outstanding. Very thick, very clear and very crunchy. And if this pickup is good enough for ESP guitars to put in their Lynch signature guitars, it must be pretty impressive.
As the name suggests. They're wound to 13K. Well, 13.5K in the case of my trem spaced pickup. But I think the real key to its sound though, is the alnico 8 magnet. Normally you'd find a ceramic or A5 magnet in a 13k pickup. So the A8 certainly sounds different. It has all the clarity of my Thornbucker, but with a lot more output. Which is great, because I prefer the way my amp sounds with the gain turned back and the volume turned up. I loved the Thornbucker, but I found myself using more pre amp gain than I'd normally like.
Installed in my trusty Liberatore. It turned already impressive instrument into one that's pretty much perfect.
Unfortunately, I have no way to upload sound bites, or videos. Not that anyone would ever want to hear my playing, I'll save you all from
So. Arcane pickups are normally hard to find for sale. Although I see a store is unloading a few on Reverb right now. And ordering one directly from him can take a bit of time, due to his being busy building pickups for a few guitar builders. They are definitely worth searching/ waiting for. At least this one was!
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