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Going out of business I think.
Or moving it overseas.

He's apparently sold dunno. edit, HE told employees to not show up or talk about it.......

But then look at me, I'm spreading some BS possibly.

But it's the whole "where there's smoke there is fire" type thing.

I don't care. Nor do I have any inside info, just commenting what's trending around.

I'm not sure it's smart to hoard up Fulltone pedals, and yet that is what's gonna happen.

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I think it was a decent investment. Meh, bought a Bugera 4x12 too to see what the Jubilee 2525c will sound through it and old tubes from Denmark too.

I buy a shit load of SCHTUFF but just not on here unfortunately. Y'all too smart馃槀

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I was going to sell mine as it didn鈥檛 cost much in the first place but right now I鈥檓 finding it useful to sometimes provide a bit of sustain on top of the Ikon which is the only other pedal on the board except tuner and reverb. One thing I like about the OCD is that you can turn off the buffer. All the pedals are in a separate loop and I can just go through the tuner and out through the splitter; keep those nasty little hissing bastards all in one cage until needed.

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I have a Joyo Ultimate Drive that player99 gave me because he didn't care for it. It's OK, but doesn't do anything I can't live without. That said, some time back when people were complaining about the cost of a new OCD, my comment was that it covered a number of bases, and that it was probably more cost-effective than purchase of the individual pedals required to cover all those same bases. Of course now, many years later, all those bases (and more) are covered by a variety of available products, whose production costs and retail prices are lower than what the OCD sold for back in the day.

(EDIT: The Joyo pedal is a clone of one of the OCD issues, though I don't know which one or that it even matters)

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For anyone interested in building this for $37:

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I just went through my parts, I have them all. Going to Vancouver today and I will pick up some stripboard because I don't want to wait for the Next Gen order to get here. Then I will build one for 5 dollars, or I suppose 1.25 cents seeing as I wont need the whole board :)
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