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New old Peavey day .. and it's a monster !

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Awhile back I put up a post on how I had been pining for an old US made Peavey Bandit and couldn't find one locally. I happened upon this amp, and snapped it up instead. It's a 1985 Stereo Chorus 400, 130 watts per side, analog chorus and vibrato, all original and works flawlessly . And it's very heavy.
Now I am not going to rave about how it's better than my tube amp , it's not, but it's different. The clean tone is outstanding though, the chorus is thick and lush. I am going to find an old Boss DS1 to try out for distortion on the clean channel .
It's sorta like 2 Bandits in 1 cabinet, with some analog fx thrown in .
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With better speakers too. Looks like scorpions in there, but can't tell fo sho
Yes Scorpions, that's what they came with stock.
Growing up a buddy had a Bandit 65 or something like that.
That's why I ended up with a Backstage, used that for years.

Congrats, that is a monster!
Want a DS-1. Got one. How much you wanna pay for it ? I paid $25 I think.
Those are great clean amps. Rock on!

yours truly
I have limited experience with these, but my friend in high school had one and made it sound pretty good!
I never understood why the Roland chorus amps were such a big deal and these weren't. Same tech. If given the choice, I would probably take one of these over a Roland for the same money. When you see how much less these sell for, it's a no-brainer, IMO.
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They are built like tanks and can take a lot of abuse. Thats a great amp. Congrats
I bought one of these new in 1984 0r 85 cant remember exactly.
Some may remember GFTPM Magazine would have a list of the best selling gear towards the end of the mag if not the last page. At the time this was the best selling amp in the American market.
Great amp. Agree the cleans and the chorus are outstanding. The crunch channel is lacking but the higer gain lead channel is pretty cool. I always used a pedal to drive the crunch channel more to get the sound I was looking for.
If I find one in great condition I'm buyin!
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