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Hey guys!

Don't really post here, but I know there are some fans of Garnet here, I wanted to tell you about a cool amp that I picked up.

It's a Mini bass - G90T. I saw some references to it on this board when I was researching it.

I'm super happy with the purchase! It sounds really awesome. The cleans are very pretty. And it sounds great with my overdrive pedal, I'm using a Barber Electronic Tone Pump.

I think the sound is pretty comparable to Fender DRRIs that I tried, maybe a bit more mids, it's hard to say without directly a/b-ing them. I think the extra bit of mids translate well when I use the overdrive, cause it's awesome with distortion.

The speaker on it seems pretty sturdy. I think it's an alnico, because there's kind of an oval cap on it which fits the images of alnico speakers I looked up.

The trem is cool too. Now all I need is a reverb pedal and I'll be all set!

Just want to thank the board for having a lot of cool Garnet info to help me research my purchase. :)
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