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New member intro

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Hi all!

New member here looking to be part of the community. Spent last few years getting into collecting some pedals. Starting to get into expanding guitar collection. Favourite guitar at the moment is my Gibson SG but love them all. Hoping to get some conversations surrounding alternate tunings for creativity.

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Welcome aboard, if you have couple pics of your gear that would be great to see. Enjoy. :cool:
Thanks! Here's some attached pics.
Guitars: Schecter PT Special, Squier baritone, Ibanez S570B, Fender Strat pro ii, Gibson SG (not in pic), Epiphone G400, Ibanez 7 string.

Pedals have been an expensive journey but they are a lot of fun. Still figuring out what will stay, rotate, sell. Metal Zones there for life


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Welcome ! ;)
Don’t trust this guy - total shyster!

Just kidding. Great guy and knows his stuff.

About time you joined.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts