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Hey all,
I’ve lurked on this site for years, and am pretty active on TDPRI but figured I could follow something a little closer to home.
I primarily play for myself in the basement, but am generally a collector I suppose. Travel a lot for work and generally treat myself when I get back.

Anyways, here’s a few picture of what I’ve got on hand in my home office right now. If anyone is into any of them I’m happy to throw up more pictures.
-Gibson ES-345 (stereo)
-A black/silver paisley tele I made with my wife
-CS tele
-Gibson Slash LP (Rosso Cora’s)
-MJT Strat
-Gretsch White Falcon

Thanks for having me!
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Orleans chiming in here.

And I gotta know...
How do you get your guitars to stick to the wall like that?
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