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New(ish) member - 'tronno'

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About time I posted something in this part of the forum, so here goes.

Name's Max... living in east-central Toronto. Been a hobbyist guitar player off and on for about 27 years now. Left it alone for several years, during a rough/choppy personal phase back in the early-mid 90s... now I'm back playing more & better than ever and recording at home during my off-season. First electric I ever bought was a '71 Guild S-100, at Richmond's Trading Post, back in '81 or so. Still have it and it's a fine old beast, albeit pretty relic'ed by now. Great neck and sound, though. Fantastic guitar. Currently etting it jazzed up somewhat by a friend down the street... he's applying almost heraldic-looking stainless steel to the body and headstock... it's hard to describe but it's sure to deepen the visual character of the instrument... can't wait to see it when it's done.

Over the past three years I've kind of gone crazy and went on a GAS spree... no brand new guitars (though I did get a new Larrivee acoustic for my 40th back in 2000), just a slew of gently-used electrics via Craigslist... in my collection there have been several Washburn Strat types, a Godin, a sweet Tak classical for my gal, a Hamer (Les Paul double-cut type) and a couple of Epiphone SGs. I just love guitars... glad to see that I am not alone and that my GAS, though pretty intense, is not as bad as some here have demonstrated. I have under a dozen currently but I'm looking to shave it down a tad or possibly trade one or two away for something different. Hankering for a Tele type and I'm also hoping to score a Hagstrom Swede... who am I kidding? I'll probably keep going until my gal issues an ultimatum.

Been doing some home recording the last few years, first with GarageBand but now with Logic, Ethno Instrument and my own gear - bass, various guitars, some hand percussion, vox, etc. Having a lot of fun as I go and getting better at understanding how to mix stuff down for maximum effect (less is often more, or at least that's my philosophy for the time being). During my work season I don't have much time to mess around with music, other than to pick up a guitar for stress busting. But in the winter I really go at it... sort of makes up for working like a dog the rest of the year, and I get to both broaden and deepen my musical explorations then. Style-wise I am all over the map, so in terms of musical influences and mentors I don't even want to go there.... it would take another thousand words to begin to do that justice. Suffice to say that I find music one of life's most inspirational gifts.

Well, there you go. I'm a work now, so I better get back to it! Looks like a great forum in here... look forward to becoming a regular. Cheers.
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Hey Max, welcome to the forums.:wave:
Thanks, guys. Look forward to a long and rewarding membership!
Welcome Max. From what you've written about yourself it seems like you're pretty similar to me, especially stylistically. I'm into home recording as well.
i'd be interested in hearing more, KenMac. Perhaps in another thread would be better. I've really just touched the surface of Logic, so I'm looking forward to getting to know it better, and possibly getting my feet wet with some other DAWs like Ableton Live... awaiting Logic 8, as I expect it will have to implement a boatload of new stuff just to keep abreast of surging competition from Ableton and Cubase, among other players.

But that said, I've more than enough to chew on for the time being.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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