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Well if you have $1500.00 to spend, why not get the best of both worlds with a nice PRS guitar? I've got a PRS-CE3 which gets the Strat type sounds and also a pretty nice Tele sound in addition to the Les Paul type HB sound. The great thing about PRS guitars is the tone control actually works. It's not either clarity or mud like most guitars. Whoops! Actually I was just looking at the 12th Fret website and it seems like most of their PRS guitars are over $2,000.00! :eek: If you want to go the PRS route I guess a better idea would be to check out the Buy and Sell or Ebay.

Rumble_b said:
Well it's my favorite time of year. The time of year that I can go buy a new guitar. :banana: But I'm not sure what I want. I've spent a lot of time over the past few weeks playing one of the guys in my band new Fender American standard Strat. I love the way it plays but I'm not sold on the sound. Now don't get me wrong I like the sound of a strat but it doesn't have the fullness and punch of say, my LP. Amazing cleans out of it, way better than the LP but when I hit the OD pedal it's just lacking. I really like it but I'm afraid in the long run it may not be right for me. Any suggestions of guitars I should check out?? I look at so many I forget about alot. I'm looking to spend around $1500. Oh and no pointy guitars.

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