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New guitar photos

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Just redid my partscaster, it is the one on the left. I bought a new Fender green guard, a used Fender tremolo/steel block, a set of used lindy fralin blues specials with backplate, new fender logo neckplate and a mint used Fender MIJ 57 reissue neck on ebay. I bought a fender 5 way switch, 3 fender pots and a fender tremolo arm at the local long and mcquade. I already had the mightymite/fender body and a set of klusen tuners. I did the pickup/pot wiring myself, aged the PUP covers, knobs, switchtip and trem tip in a coffee/tea mixture for a few hours and had a local pro do the neck install, final setup. It cost me about 500 dollars all together and it is just as nice, if not better in some areas than the 1982/62 reissue standing next to it.
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I like the idea of a Partscaster. A nice guitar, the way you love it. By the way, even nicer LP on the right.

Left to right: 1992 les paul standard, 2007 fender partscaster,
1982 fender strat, 1978 les paul custom
love the standard and the marshall. that a 1960ax cab?
hey davestp1

I like them all....
especially the strats

....very, very interesting. that's a lot of guitar for $500, and makes me wonder if i should take the plunge.

the aging/relicing thing doesn't work for me at all, but that's just personal taste.

I'm not a partcaster guy. You just never know what you are going to end up with.

The guitar is only as good as the sum of all parts. Some people have ended up with resonant killer sounding guitars others duds. I prefer to hunt and try till I find the best guitar(s), and unfortunately it costs more. :frown:

The cabinet is a model 2038, only made in 1972. A 4x10 in a 4x12 sized cabinet w greenbacks.

WRT the feel etc, the set up guy loved it and said the same thing that you did Jeff, in that you never know what you will get. With this one though, he said I hit a home run. I have to agree, it feels great and I spent the weekend playing it. That says it all.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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