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New guitar day!!

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Well new old cheap crappy guitar day. :D I bought this Marlin SG copy off a guy at work. It's been hanging around his house for longer than he can remember. No idea what year it is just that is made in Japan. It needs some loving but really just a good cleaning, set up, new strings to make it playable and maybe a new nut(it's broken on the end). The body is cheap plywood and I'm not sure what the neck is but it feels pretty nice. It has a really strange crappy bridge on it that has no adjustment for the intonation, also the tail peice is some weird trem(no arm for it though). The pickups just have on and off switches and they are single coils under what looks to be about a p90 sized cover. It should be a fun project that I didn't pay much for and it came with a hard case. Oh and it's missing some inlays on the neck too!!

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Quite the interesting looking SG copy ya got there:D. I love projects, tell us how it turns out.
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