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New guitar day!!

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I just got my Hamm HLS-1. Andy was even nice enough to drive it over to me. I must say that this one is even better than the community one I had last week. Not that it wasn't great too. But some of the little things I pointed out are not an issue with this one. The binding looks much nicer(still not perfect but it looks good), no fret buzz at all and the all the frets are perfect. I'm sure happy I decided to buy this guitar. It was nice to meet Andy too. Well back to playing. :rockon2:
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Im definately going to buy one now haha. I just need to wait till the new stock of colors comes in! I can't wait Andy!!!! Im going to become your primary west coast advertiser haha.
...must have pics!!!!!

Thanks Rumble_b,

I'm glad you like it. If there are any issues let me know and I will do what ever I can to make it right.

I should have noted that the Community Guitar is a 'factory second'. It has two blotchy blemishes in the finish on the flame top, as well as the other problems that you had mentioned.

I like to put the factory seconds to good use. I just sent one out across the country standard post in a cardboard box, just to see if it survives the trip.

There are no more HLS Model One's in stock, but there will be more arriving in the next 30 days or so. They will be available in the current Atlantic Sunburst, Tabocco Sunburst and Cherry Sunburst. There will also be two new models the FGS and HTS available at that time.

It was really cool meeting Rumble_b, I think that is the first time I've actually met someone in person from this forum.

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Need Pics Need Pics Need Pics
Ok ok don't hate me, pics are coming. I just gotta find the camera.
hey....maybe my wife would like a Hamm.....
I would like to see the pictures too....

Is there a color chart or examples somewhere????

Well I think the g/f has the camera cause I can't find it anywhere. Oh well pics will have to wait till tonight or tomorrow, I gotta go to work now.
auger said:
hey....maybe my wife would like a Hamm.....
I would like to see the pictures too....

Is there a color chart or examples somewhere????

Hi Auger,

I will be updating the website in the next couple of weeks to include colour options. The HLS will now be available in Atlantic Sunburst (as currently shown on the site), Tabacco Sunburst and Cherry Sunburst.

Here is an early rendering of the new models. This is pretty much what the finished product will look like except the tops of the bodies will be arched and the headstock will be slightly different:

HTS: (The neck will be bound on the finished product)

FGS: (in Cardinal Burst)

The necks are maple, but they have a rosewood veneer on the headstock. The Logo will be inlayed with Mother of Pearl.
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hey Hamm guitars....
I will keep an eye on your site for the update.....
Is the altantic sunburst.....the blue color I saw on your site today....?

the two body styles you show are quite nice....

I will have Mrs Auger have a look.....

Ahh crap!! I might have to buy another guitar from you Andy. I love the look of that HTS!!!

Auger- the guitar on the site is the atlantic burst
Hey guys. Here is a quick pic I just took.

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Very pretty guitar.

May I be so bold as to ask the price?
Rumble_b said:
Hey guys. Here is a quick pic I just took.

beautiful....:eek: :eek: :eek:
Hamm guitars currently has them on sale for $269. A steal if you ask me.
hey rumble-b
thanks for posting the picture....the guitar looks really nice.....

I'm hoping to had one to the collection as well....

thanks again
that's one purdy guitar, I might just have to purchase one myself.
Yeah it looks nice but it plays even better. That's what sold me on it. It's just really easy to play, nice and light(which is real nice sometimes) and it sounds good too. I really like the neck pickup but I may change the bridge one.
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