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New Grady CD out - listen here (ex Big sugar guy)

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Pretty cool sounding tracks. Just picked it up at the cd store, I'm not sure how old it is.
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Just bought both CDs really like both. Had a hard time listening to the rework of "Ride Like Hell", one of my all time favorite songs.

It definately is regression from later Big Sugar, but my favorite Big Sugar stuff was "Five Hundred Pounds". I think I even wore out the CD. I lost interest in Big Sugar a few years laer.

Grady -- I love the guitar tones and very natural sounding recording. It's very real sounding, song writing might be a little primitive, but I dig it.

I also like the work Gordie did on the new Gov't Mule CD. I prefer this type of production over 99% of the more modern sounding records. I'd love to hear him produce The Black Keys.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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