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New Gibson BFG LP

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A new offering from Gibson. Under 1K USF by the looks of it.

A stripped-down, rock ’n’ roll flamethrower, the Les Paul BFG is the most powerful Les Paul Gibson has ever made. Blasted back to the bare essentials, the BFG is the Les Paul for guitarists who want it loud, raw, and wild. Two volumes and one tone knob control the sonic spectrum put out by a high-powered Burstbucker 3 humbucker in the bridge and a screaming, singlecoil P-90 in the neck. The traditional toggle has been rewired as a kill switch, and a mini-toggle at the volume knobs controls pickup selection. An innovative powerhouse, the BFG has no binding, no figured top, no finishing touches. This gives the BFG a distinctive look that is both modern and vintage, while allowing for a price that makes pure Les Paul performance available to all players. The result is a perfect storm of eye-catching style, incredible tone, and unbeatable playability—all at a great price. Destined to be a classic

Gibson BFG Les Paul
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I think it is still expensive to be sold as an affordable guitar. And it comes with an "unsanded carved top"! Wow!
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