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New Celestion Alnico Gold's !!!!

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After three plus weeks of them being in the trunk of my car, I finally got my pair of 8 ohms into a cab on Monday.
I brought them to rehearsal Monday night and used my Kingsley D30T with them.
First of all I must say that it was much louder than my previous cab (/13 with a greenback and one h30) and very clear. Lots of bottom end, a very smooth top end and articulate as hell. I actually turned the amp down a bit, because I didn't need it that loud. I used singlecoils and a couple of different styles of humbuckers.
I am impressed, I don't really like the new blue Celestions and have removed them on occasion from cabs that had them in. These are really something else in my opinion. Another thing is....they don't sound like greenbacks or H30's or V30's or G12K-85's. They are very original sounding.
Me like good:banana:

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