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Hi BagPipe; I live in NB. Some of the things mentioned by others are great places. Generally speaking, the north of the province is French-speaking Acadian and Brayonne, the southern half is English. The province is mostly trees, water, and rocks, very rugged country with lots of small towns and rural areas, (with high-speed internet thanks to Aliant, my empl). Three major cities, Moncton, Fredericton, and Saint John. Numerous smaller cities; Bathurst, Campbellton, Miramichi, St. Stephen, Edmundston...

The Bay of Fundy is all of Southern NB, from St. Stephen, (border with Calais ME), to Moncton. Hopewell Rocks near Moncton are really a treat and Magnetic Hill in Moncton, well, it worked when I was a kid but last time I couldn't get it to go, the Stones played there BTW. Moncton is half French, half English, has many good restaurants, all the shopping is in Dieppe right next door. Also, the NS border and the bridge to the Island are not far from Moncton.

Between Moncton and Saint John, there is Fundy National Park, just down the coast from Hopewell, beautiful park. Still on the way to Saint John there are a number of small towns like Petitcodiac, Apahoqui, Sussex, Norton, Hampton. If small towns are your thing, we have lots. Also near SJ along the coast there is St. Martin's which has huge tidal caves, they are pretty awesome but don't hang around too long or you might have to spend the night in the cave. The Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world, I guess. And swimming in the Bay of Fundy can turn you blue.

If you are going to Saint John, wear your jacket! Normally, it is cold and foggy here but you might get lucky with the weather. SJ is a post-industrial town, depressed downtown core but with lots of historic bldgs, during the summer, we have cruise ships coming every week from the States. Nothing much happens in this back-water town but the uptown music scene is pretty vibrant, lots of small pubs with live bands. All the shopping is on the East Side, where I live.

Travelling further down the coast, there are a few small towns like Pocologan, LePreau, St. George, St. Andrews, (really nice tourist trap), and St. Stephen. You could probably tour the Nuclear powerplant at Pt. Lepreau, it's pretty awesome.

Well, that's just the southern part.....

North of SJ is the provincial capital, Fredericton, just a lot of bldgs, students, and politicians. Further N-W, Hartland has the longest covered bridge in the world. Woodstock borders Houlton ME.

I can't think of more right now and this is getting lengthy but check out the NB Tourism site at:

Let me know some of your interests in your trip and I'll fill you in best I can, but there are no deals here on guitars unless you find one at a yard sale, all the stores are pretty much now 'Musicstop' though there are a few small stores.

Sales tax is 14%
Liquor store is open on Sunday (Sunday shopping all year)
Lobster is good when in season
Clams, salmon, shark, scallops
DeLuxe French Fries
Blue Canoe (gas stations with really good restaurant)

I gotta go...
Welcome to NB!
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