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Anyone notice that the Apollo Twin X and Apollo x4 were released recently? I was looking at UA interfaces a while back after my old computer died and found my old & weird interface didn't play well with a new computer. I'm a Windows user, so the only thing that would work was the old Twin USB (which was really old but still pricey) or the Arrow (which seems under-powered).

It looks like the "X" series finally moved from the rack to the desktop with the new models, featuring Thunderbolt 3 and better A/D and D/A conversion. The Twin X still has two mic-preamps (as the name suggests) and comes with dual or quad processors, and the X4 has four mic-preamps, four cores, and a bunch of extra ins and outs.

Here is L&M's current pricing:
Twin X DUO - $1,199
Twin X QUAD - $1,859
x4 - $2,389

I had just about decided to go with a Strymon Iridium (with the added benefit of pedalboard mounting for live use as well) and a cheap interface, but now this has me reconsidering.
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