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Need some suggestion for band practice

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Hi guys,

I need some help for setup PA system for band practice in my basement..
we only have 4 piece, 2 guitar, 1 drummer and 1 bass, the idea is all of us go direct and then use headphone for silence practicing.. it's not ideal but its good for us to keep the chops..

So far i have one PA speaker (EV ZLX15p), drummer will use his electronic kit, singer bring their own mic,

what do I need as a mixer and how I can hook up 4 headphone to the board etc... ?

Thanks in advance :)
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Mics (and other DI's) right to the mixer, mixer out to a headphone amp. This is exactly how we do it in one of my bands. Get the best quality headphone amp you can, we currently have a lesser expensive one from L&M and it has been a long term issue not delivering the best sound. (though from a durability standpoint, it's been good for 3+ years) We are all currently wired but have custom earbuds, the next step is either a better headphone amp (been looking at the Presonus around $500 iirc) or maybe even finding a way to go wireless to our buds. There are miles of cable in our jam space lol.

I believe this is what we have now, I would not buy their product again personally. ART Pro Audio - 6 Channel Professional Headphone Amplifier

This is the Presonus we are looking at Presonus - HP-60 - Headphone Amp

but we haven't done all the research yet, and basically would spend whatever is needed to get excellent quality

We have evolved ours with a very expensive mixer that's all digital, we can get our own individual mixes (on the fly thru ipad app) and record our sessions as well, we have an older computer hooked up to the whole system.
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G, we've been doing it for 4+ years and, though our gear has evolved, it's always been decent. Allows the drummer and amps to open up, protects all our hearing, etc. I get that it's not for everyone, and to get GOOD sound and mix has been a fairly substantial investment, the side benefit being the gear we have now also functions as a pretty good recording studio. We're working on an album now.
our main piece is a Presonus StudioLive 24.4.2 AI. It's an awesome and very flexible board, gives us individual mixes, can control them (and mute each channel and etc etc) right from a phone or iPad. Out to computer for recording, out to headphone amp for our live sound.
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