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Need some suggestion for band practice

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Hi guys,

I need some help for setup PA system for band practice in my basement..
we only have 4 piece, 2 guitar, 1 drummer and 1 bass, the idea is all of us go direct and then use headphone for silence practicing.. it's not ideal but its good for us to keep the chops..

So far i have one PA speaker (EV ZLX15p), drummer will use his electronic kit, singer bring their own mic,

what do I need as a mixer and how I can hook up 4 headphone to the board etc... ?

Thanks in advance :)
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If I were to try this, a bare minimum would be to have each player have his own mix. I want to hear more of me and less of everyone else. As much as I think the others should enjoy my guitar tone loud and proud, I'm pretty sure they have their own ideas on what they'd like to hear.

Perhaps you can find an old analog monitor mixer/console. That would give you many inputs and lots of separate headphone mixes. But they were generally higher-end equipment and rare, compared to standard FOH mixers with a a couple monitor mixes built in. So they may be just as much as a JamHub, if you can even find one. But you might get lucky.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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