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Need some suggestion for band practice

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Hi guys,

I need some help for setup PA system for band practice in my basement..
we only have 4 piece, 2 guitar, 1 drummer and 1 bass, the idea is all of us go direct and then use headphone for silence practicing.. it's not ideal but its good for us to keep the chops..

So far i have one PA speaker (EV ZLX15p), drummer will use his electronic kit, singer bring their own mic,

what do I need as a mixer and how I can hook up 4 headphone to the board etc... ?

Thanks in advance :)
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Thanks guys, appriacete all the info, the Jamhub or Roland stuff look so cool but so expensive ..

I might look at some budget Mixer for now, all guitar we use is modelling stuff so no issue for quality

Just want to keep practicing when my son sleep upstairs.. so this one of our option
EHH it's too far... my gas cost already same as the unit itself :d
I know that this "we will all go direct" may sound like a good idea...
I just don't see it working at all...
try it out , but in the end I think you will agree with me...
I know exactly what you mean, and all of us especially the drummer don't really like it but hey we need to find a solution so its the best so far.
We rotate rehearsal between studio and my basement no it's not that bad, one week we crank the amp, next week we use headphone for practice as a band for learning songs etc
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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