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Need some suggestion for band practice

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Hi guys,

I need some help for setup PA system for band practice in my basement..
we only have 4 piece, 2 guitar, 1 drummer and 1 bass, the idea is all of us go direct and then use headphone for silence practicing.. it's not ideal but its good for us to keep the chops..

So far i have one PA speaker (EV ZLX15p), drummer will use his electronic kit, singer bring their own mic,

what do I need as a mixer and how I can hook up 4 headphone to the board etc... ?

Thanks in advance :)
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Behringer makes a two-mix, four-phones amp that seems to work perfectly well. These used to be $40, but seem to have gone up (one of their "lucky" products?). Look for a used one for about $50.


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