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Need quick advice. Traynor YGL-3 MArk III?

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I found a very nice old Traynor Ygl-3a MArk III for 265.00 U.S. I believe this is the 100 watt TRaynor with the master volume.I am going to get it, but wondering if this is an all tube amp. Any comments on this particualr old Traynor amplifier? Can it be modified to plexi/Bassman like the YSR-1 which i have? Hows the master volume on the amp, and how does the amp sound? Ive heard it described as a " Fender Twin on steroids". It's supposed to get a pretty close shimmery Fender sound? Theres not much on this amp on the web, but i havent checked Harmony Central yet.
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....bah humbug!!
bolero said:
....bah humbug!!
:D :D :banana: :banana:

Actually Bolero, I owe you a debt of gratitute. I really hadnt realised just how nice the YGL-3a sounded stock till I took youre advicer and kranked 'er up just like you said. This one's staying stock and will bewith me till they haul my stuff away to charity and I am no longer 98.6 Degrees.The Ysr-1 however, goes to wild bill to do the Plexi mods.Or actually, since the YSr-1 sounds better than the Ygl3a, maybe the Ysr-1 stays stock and the YGl-3a gets the Busen mods!
haha, you're gonna give me a freakin' seizure if you keep that up!!

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