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Need help with new guitar purchase

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Hi everyone, I'm in the market for a new guitar. At the moment I have an Epi LP Special which is alright for generic rock tone although the tuners and pickups really leave much to be desired..and I'd best just leave the stock hardware alone. I also have my dad's old Yamaha 1977 G-245S classical, which is a real beauty and was the first guitar I picked up. It's pretty much the benchmark for other guitars...wish I'd kept that in mind before I picked up the Special. Anyhoo, my buddy/bandmate of sorts told me I should get an acoustic/electric, but I tried an Ovation and an Ibanez and they didn't grab me at all. I did, however, want to try a semi-hollow or hollowbody. I demoed an Epi Dot, which was pretty good although the neck was kinda thin, and an Ibanez Artcore AK95 demoed by the store owner (and me) that blew me away. Can anyone tell me if they know of anything like the AK95 with a nice wide, fat neck like a classical, preferably a semi-hollow, for a reasonable price, say under $700? I'm REALLY gassin' for a versatile guitar with a sweet tone. And has anyone seen anything about the Dot On Shaft semis and hollows? I can't find anything on them except for one model. Any input would be much appreciated.
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Grab the ibanez - you wont be sorry.
You should try out some of the guitars made by Godin. They have some really well built acoustic-electric hybrib guitars that sound and play really well. I also tried one of their classical -electric guitars and was really impressed with it myself. I think that model was about 800 bucks, but I am not postive on that. You could go to their home page if you wanted to see some of the stuff they got.
The PRS SE series guitars have a nice fat and wide neck, but I don't know if there is a semi acoustic in that line.
Don't think there's a PRS with those specs....

Rondo's got some cool hollow's or semi's. including the Cool Cat Prestige...

My SX GG1 Supreme ( it's a solid body though) from Rondo's a great axe and cost me under $300 shipped into Canada.

I also like the looks of this Silvertone (Samick), Blues Master SSLA30 but I don't know price or availability in Canada....

good luck in your search.
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except you cant try an agile etc before you buy it, which ups the risk factor somewhat.
Check the classifieds on this site, wink, wink, nudge, nudge.
Thanks for the suggestions guys! I should be going to Sudbury tomorrow or Wednesday and will hopefully be able to check out a store that sells Ibanez and a brand called Wicked Guitars. Anyone ever heard anything about that brand? I'd never heard of them before yesterday.
Next to a classical, just about every neck is gonna feel small.

What was your beef with that Ibanez?
That's true, every other neck would be quite narrow in comparison, however whatever would be wider than usual was what I was looking for. As for the Ibanez, did you mean the acoustic or the Artcore? The acoustic just didn't have quite the sound I was looking for, and the Artcore I was quite interested in although the price for it was a bit much and I didn't have my debit card on me at the store.

Anyways, I bought an Agile Harm 3 semi-hollow with mini-humbuckers and a case. I know it wasn't quite what I was looking for at first, but it sure grabbed me and it is supposed to be a good quality guitar with great versatility. So my search is at an end...until I pick an acoustic, whenever that is.

Thanks again, everyone!
Make sure you know Rondo Music's return policy inside and out, just incase (I assume you bout it new?)
Yep, I did buy it new, and I made sure to look over their return policy thoroughly before purchasing. The guy who owns the site is VERY good for customer service, any damage/displeasure whatsoever and he'll take it right back or send a new one ASAP. Hell, they've even got their own forums there, and there's been nothing but good things said about the guitars and site. So I'm feeling good about this no matter what!
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