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Need help to ID Guitar

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It was like putting on a old pair of jeans and finding a twenty! I found this in my Mother's locker. It was a birthday present I got in 1967-69 and I remember putting it away several years later. I had totally forgotten about it. There is no name on it except for the neck plate, but I tried to research the Teisco name and have found that they did make guitars from 1948 to @ 1969 but I can't find any reference to them making Telecaster copies so I'm not sure that it really is a Teisco - maybe just a Teisco neck plate? Anyone ever see anything like this. The neck is absolutely gorgeous with a thin 1 5/8 nut and 25.5 scale and a chambered body - yeah this is a hollow body guitar! I vaguely remember trying to mod it and lost the original bridge and popped a bass guitar bridge in there which doesn’t work.

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What a find! I wish I had some old guitars I'd put away and forgot about, talk about Christmas in July!:banana: That is a cool looking guitar. I won't be much help though when it comes to helping ID it.
Whoa the black dot inlays and the fretboard are really classy looking, nice find!
Can't tell ya anything about it but other than you made an awesome find....
With the neckplate saying Teisco on it, I would email the guy who runs the site. He owns a ton of vintage Teisco's and knows a ton about any of those vintage foreign guitars. I'm sure he could tell you exactly what you have.

Looks like a cool find no matter what it is. I love how the knobs have the labels "V" and "T" on them.
Thanks Torndownunit. Thats a great idea!
Teisco for sure - a big Japanese producer back in the day, maybe? I've heard of them but that's about it.

I too love the insignia on the knobs... a nice touch and elegant in its execution.
Wow, cool guitar! How could anyone put a guitar away and forget about it? LOL! You must have a bunch of 'em!
It was during my "I'm never going to be able to play like Hendrix, so just give up" years.
yeah nice. it's an old 60s teisco(japan) tele copy.
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