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Just back from a lunchtime stroll, and stumbled onto a recently-installed waterfall/fountain near work that's a clever idea.

It's essentially a structure in the rough form of a 7, and the water falls from the horizontal beam at the top. But what's neat is that the individual water jets appear to be solenoid-controlled, and the solenoids MPU-controlled. The individual water jets are systematically opened and closed, such that the descending water produces visible patterns. One can see geometric patterns as well as descending words. Pity that there isn't a darker backdrop to the display to make the patterns more easily visible.

I just wonder how long it can function for. Solenoids are good for a couple of million operations. How much of any given solenoid's lifespan is taken up by 8hrs of operation in any given day?

But a very clever idea. Like myself, plenty of people strolling on the way to or from lunch stop with a look of "Did I just see what I think I saw?".
1 - 5 of 5 Posts