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Yesterday was quite an interesting day. I came upon this 1989 L-35 handmade by Jean Larrivee and was surprised to come home with it. Looooong back story, but the nuts and bolts are a Dad (RCM Level 10) dies 2 years after purchasing and it spent the next 21 years in the case. Son decides to sell, I happen along...

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The book is a copy of Julian Bream's book "A Life On The Road" signed by Bream when the original owner met him.

Happy story all around, the son is thrilled that the instrument and book are in the hands of someone who appreciates both, and I am beyond thrilled to give them a good home.

The guitar will spend the next couple of months being cleaned, humidified and restored (it has a center seam crack from low humidity storage, and another small crack from a bump). Even with very old strings on, it plays and sounds heavenly.
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