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Not my speciality, but I figure I need a bass or two to try out pedals with. Local guy was asking $80 for two basses and a gig bag, so I pulled the trigger. One is an Ibanez Soundgear identical to this one:

Very light and comfortable, with a slender neck.
The other is a Squier Precision, identical to this one:

The P-bass needs a new nut, some knobs, and a set of strings, and the frets need a decent buffing, but is in generally good shape. The Ibanez is ready to go and plays nice. I'm looking forward to winding some experimental pickups for them. I had never played an octave fuzz with a bass before. Interesting tone. Since the strings are stiffer, the octaving is neater and more orderly, with none of the ring-modulator-like tones you get with the bending on a guitar.
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