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I have been looking at reverb pedals as well--but this was too good a deal, and a small tube/hybrid amp is on my short list as well.
So I had to get it.

So what did I get?
It's an Orange Micro Dark amp head
This thing is tiny & weighs under 2 pounds.
1 tube--so it qualifies as a tube/hybrid--and it qualifies soundwise as well.
the growl you get from the gain, as well as a soft clean sound are nice and both suit my playing.
They sound particularly good with my Ibanez AF95 hollow body--but with other guitars as well.
I tried it at the store with the matching Orang amp cab--but also headphones--and it sounds real nice through my headphones.
i do have a former Fender Combo that is now just the speaker & cab that I got along with a footpedal (2 switches--one regular/normal and the other is a momentary one) and a small Fender sign for under $10--but I need to get the speaker wire & jack to be able to use it as a cab--and see if the speaker is any good. If not--well I'll buy a new one or get the orange cab.

So far it's still the initial "honeymoon" period.
but for a small amp to sue around home & stuff like that this one is quite nice
20 watts as well--this thing can get real loud.

I'll post pictures when I have my picture hosing site stuff worked out.
But it pretty much looks like this:
Micro Dark – Orange Amps
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What is a "Greenback"? What does that mean?

MIC = made in China?
Yes made in China Celestion Greenback speaker. I believe this is it... G12M Greenback
What is a "Greenback"? What does that mean?
Greenback is type/model of Celestion speaker that has back magnet cover painted in green - hence greenback.
You have as far as I know greenbacks, creambacks, what else? Sound (and price) can vary quite a lot between the models

On top of all this - you can't say, this one is better than that one. They are different in between, but one person will like this (hence "better for him") and the other will like the other.

Then on top of this comes cabinet construction in which speaker is. That can change sound quite a lot.

Then the position of the cabinet, especially if it is open back cab. If you put it close to war you are getting "closed back" cab. Also, cab should not be on the floor since we don't have ears on our feet. I was quite amazed how much sound changed when I start raising cab higher and higher "closer" to my ears.
Congrats on the new amp!
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Cool to hear a bunch of info I can use as well...
Greenback is type/model of Celestion speaker that has back magnet cover painted in green - hence greenback.
You have as far as I know greenbacks, creambacks, what else?
There`s also scumbag... but that`s the person who`s turn it is to buy the beer and didn't !

Resurrecting this after about 2 years.
Prior to getting the Micro Dark I had a gutted Fender amp (So just cab & speaker left--all electronics were removed)

I recently picked up a cable that goes between an amp head & a speaker.
I was initially looking into getting a jack & speaker wire & the tabs to hook them up.
But recently I found out online about cables that skip all that-they have tabs to hook onto the speaker & a plug for the amp head.
So I got one.
It looks like this:

I finally got a chance to test it the other day & I like it.
The speaker isn't the best speaker out there--but it does the job & I like it--especially when playing with the gain up a bit (or more)

So one item off the gear list without too much cost & my meagre gear fund can be used for something else
So while I have used the amp with headphones, using it with a cab is almost as good as a NAD.
Almost, & I'll take that
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I just noticed I mentioned this doesn't have an effects loop--but oops, it does.
The Micro terror (The white one) doesn't.
the Micro Dark does.
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Right--thanks--somehow I typed Terror twice.
I fixed it.
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