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I have been looking at reverb pedals as well--but this was too good a deal, and a small tube/hybrid amp is on my short list as well.
So I had to get it.

So what did I get?
It's an Orange Micro Dark amp head
This thing is tiny & weighs under 2 pounds.
1 tube--so it qualifies as a tube/hybrid--and it qualifies soundwise as well.
the growl you get from the gain, as well as a soft clean sound are nice and both suit my playing.
They sound particularly good with my Ibanez AF95 hollow body--but with other guitars as well.
I tried it at the store with the matching Orang amp cab--but also headphones--and it sounds real nice through my headphones.
i do have a former Fender Combo that is now just the speaker & cab that I got along with a footpedal (2 switches--one regular/normal and the other is a momentary one) and a small Fender sign for under $10--but I need to get the speaker wire & jack to be able to use it as a cab--and see if the speaker is any good. If not--well I'll buy a new one or get the orange cab.

So far it's still the initial "honeymoon" period.
but for a small amp to sue around home & stuff like that this one is quite nice
20 watts as well--this thing can get real loud.

I'll post pictures when I have my picture hosing site stuff worked out.
But it pretty much looks like this:
Micro Dark – Orange Amps
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I have the loan of a Micro Terror which I am currently running through my Marshal DFX 50 as a cabinet! It will do for now!

How do I hook up my pedal board to the Micro?
That could be cool.
So you mean like an effects loop? There isn't one--but i never use it anyway...
You can hook i up the same way I would--plug into the board then from the board to the amp.
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The Micro & the Micro Dark are both pretty cool--Overall I prefer the Dark--due to the difference in controls--but I do like both.
I am thinking of trading my shitty Marshall DFX 50 in for and extension cab at L & M. I will probably get $150 for it but have a gift card for $100. If I have to finance the rest I will. Money is at a premium right now.

Would you recommend a 1x12 or 2x12 to put with the Terror!

For now I am running it through my DFX speaker and it sounds pretty amazing but I know it has more potential. It sounds even more amazing with my pedal board.
I guess it depends on what you are using it for.
Right now I mostly use mine with headphones...
the small Orange cab they have for the Micro & Micro Dark works nicely--but for some uses I think a bigger speaker--or multiple speakers would work better.
But I can' say that from experience.
So, Zontar what is the difference between the Dark micro and the regular?
Well the Micro is white & the Dark is black...

I like both of them-wouldn't put either one down.

For actual differences beyond cosmetic:
The controls are bit different--the Micro has a standard type tone control & the Dark has a Midrange contour control--since I normally love my mids--it is cool to have--and if I do ever want to veer into lowering the mids--it's great to have.

there may be other differences--but that's what I can think of without looking them up...
Cool to hear a bunch of info I can use as well...
Resurrecting this after about 2 years.
Prior to getting the Micro Dark I had a gutted Fender amp (So just cab & speaker left--all electronics were removed)

I recently picked up a cable that goes between an amp head & a speaker.
I was initially looking into getting a jack & speaker wire & the tabs to hook them up.
But recently I found out online about cables that skip all that-they have tabs to hook onto the speaker & a plug for the amp head.
So I got one.
It looks like this:

I finally got a chance to test it the other day & I like it.
The speaker isn't the best speaker out there--but it does the job & I like it--especially when playing with the gain up a bit (or more)

So one item off the gear list without too much cost & my meagre gear fund can be used for something else
So while I have used the amp with headphones, using it with a cab is almost as good as a NAD.
Almost, & I'll take that
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I just noticed I mentioned this doesn't have an effects loop--but oops, it does.
The Micro terror (The white one) doesn't.
the Micro Dark does.
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Right--thanks--somehow I typed Terror twice.
I fixed it.
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