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I have been looking at reverb pedals as well--but this was too good a deal, and a small tube/hybrid amp is on my short list as well.
So I had to get it.

So what did I get?
It's an Orange Micro Dark amp head
This thing is tiny & weighs under 2 pounds.
1 tube--so it qualifies as a tube/hybrid--and it qualifies soundwise as well.
the growl you get from the gain, as well as a soft clean sound are nice and both suit my playing.
They sound particularly good with my Ibanez AF95 hollow body--but with other guitars as well.
I tried it at the store with the matching Orang amp cab--but also headphones--and it sounds real nice through my headphones.
i do have a former Fender Combo that is now just the speaker & cab that I got along with a footpedal (2 switches--one regular/normal and the other is a momentary one) and a small Fender sign for under $10--but I need to get the speaker wire & jack to be able to use it as a cab--and see if the speaker is any good. If not--well I'll buy a new one or get the orange cab.

So far it's still the initial "honeymoon" period.
but for a small amp to sue around home & stuff like that this one is quite nice
20 watts as well--this thing can get real loud.

I'll post pictures when I have my picture hosing site stuff worked out.
But it pretty much looks like this:
Micro Dark – Orange Amps
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I have the loan of a Micro Terror which I am currently running through my Marshal DFX 50 as a cabinet! It will do for now!

How do I hook up my pedal board to the Micro?
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That could be cool.
So you mean like an effects loop? There isn't one--but i never use it anyway...
You can hook i up the same way I would--plug into the board then from the board to the amp.
Thanks Zontar!

I already knew how to do this like I did a million times before. I was over thinking things! I got it all together and really love this micro Orange. Quite amazing!
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I am thinking of trading my shitty Marshall DFX 50 in for and extension cab at L & M. I will probably get $150 for it but have a gift card for $100. If I have to finance the rest I will. Money is at a premium right now.

Would you recommend a 1x12 or 2x12 to put with the Terror!

For now I am running it through my DFX speaker and it sounds pretty amazing but I know it has more potential. It sounds even more amazing with my pedal board.
What does NAD stand for?

Cuse my ignorance!
New Amp Day
Hey thanks for the enlightenment Sensei.

The Grasshopper learns and retains new information rapidly(ya sure);)
So, Zontar what is the difference between the Dark micro and the regular?
I think you're better off with a good 112 than an average 212.

Lighter to cart around, cheaper to try different speakers in. I gig with 112's all the time and they easily hang with a drummer. Often, a 212 throws too far and gets in the way physically, although some of them can be set up vertically as well.

The next question, though, may be 112 closed back or 112 opened back. The closed back will retain more bottom end (better for heavy stuff, chugging, etc) while the open back will disperse sound around the room more and is generally considered a bit nicer for clean 3d-ish and lighter overdriven stuff. These are huge oversimplifications, but that will get your beak wet, at least.
I just found that out! The fact that there was an open and closed edition of a 1x12. I think the closed back would suit my needs better! I am thinking of getting the Traynor Dark Hearse. For me getting this cab makes more sense then getting the Orange cab because the Orange is that more expensive! They sound very similar!
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I have two Darkhorse cabs, the 1x12 and the 2x12.
Great cabs for the money, convertible option and they come loaded with a MIC Greenback.

I think the cab closed with the GB would be what you're after.
What is a "Greenback"? What does that mean?

MIC = made in China?
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