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I actually got two amps this weekend...

The main grab was a 2014 Swart SRT; I've had a few hours to play around with this amp and I gotta say it just loves Gretsch Filtertrons and Telecasters! It's been too many years since I had a nice, low-wattage tube amp around, and this looks to fit the bill. I'm going to take it out to rehearsal with my R&B outfit Thursday, but as long as it can be heard over the horns, I think I'll be using with that pack. The reverb and tremolo in this thing are just heavenly...

Besides the Swart however, I was also very lucky to grab a portable bass amp from L&M... It's a Carvin MB15, a great sounding and very light 200 Watt combo with a 15" speaker (+ titanium dome tweater) that really punches above its weight class... And above its price; I was lucky enough to grab this for $100! I just couldn't leave this amp sitting at that price (though I doubt it would have been sitting there for long)...

Have played it about an hour and though I don't claim to be a pro bassist, it sounds pretty darned good to me...

So ya, it was a good day for amps last weekend at Chez Jimi! :D
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