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This is the beauty of the Stephenson Standard amp. You can switch octal tubes indiscrimately in sockets two & three.

On the HIGH gain setting, the amp was way too Krunchy for the band I am joining now. But I need the volume.

This morning I yanked the 6V6 and the EL34 out of positions two & three, and replaced them with two 6L6's. I also switched off the EL84 in position one.

Bingo!! Klean amp with the controls jacked up. I am trying the ULTRALINEAR setting as well.

With the Stephenson Stage Hog out front, I can still get all the Krunch and Krank I want, with a single tap.

Thank you Mark Stephenson. For money well-spent! With the Hog, it's like owning a dozen amps in one.
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