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Couple weeks ago I was trying out for a new band and I wasn’t happy with the tone I had for the songs I was going to be playing! So I started with a new guitar, that got me close but was still missing something, so on the amp hunt I went, I started looking at Marshall, and a few other big names in the rock sounds to get away from the fender cleans I had, and in my search this baby cane up on the local kijij so I did some research (not too much info) but the guy was happy to have me over and let me rock out with him for a test drive! So here it is in my possession now! A Winfeild amplification 18w el84 monster! And to finish it off I picked up a small 1x12 cab then converted it to a 2x10 with a new baffle! And a couple emeince 10s I had here! The band thing didn’t work out but the new gear is staying for sure!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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