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Hi all !!
Just received this weekend my JTM50 with Marstran Output transformer !
The tech installed a PPIMV and a Preamp Master , it also has a Split Cathode/ Shared switch and a JTM50/JTM45 Negative Feedback switch ! Double shielded wires etc.
Had him install a Metroamp effect loop with
on/off switch .
Got some NOS Svetlana EL34’s and NOS Mullard preamp tubes , GZ34 is a Gold Lion.
Had such a great result bringing my JTM45
to Denis Rozon that I’ve decided to bring him this one also because he has 50 years of experience being an electronic engineer and has all those expensive scopes you can imagine to bring the amp three notches above being able to take readings and see on the scope how the amp behaves !! will report back this week !! ;)
Can only keep one amp though !:(

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