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NAD !!! 1963 Fender Deluxe

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I happened across this nice little amp by pure coincidence and am very grateful for it.

The tremolo is just out of this world.

It's a 1963 Fender Deluxe with a factory upgrade JBL , (Oxford was stock??)

Only things not original are tubes and the tilt back legs. We are not sure on the tilt legs as I can't find much if they were ever offered as an option or if maybe this was some prototype as Fender did shortly go to Blackface amps in mid 1963 and I believe the Vibrolux did possibly come with them but I could be wrong ??? The gentleman who owned this had it for many many years and he said he got it like this .

It also has the very very rare dark brown rubber handle . They were originally leather but Fender used a brown rubber for a very short time . This rubber was very brittle and most broke shortly after purchase. Fenders answer to this was to go to the more hefty black rubber ones we know today. Most of the brown ones don't exist today .

Here are some shots of it :

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Whoa that is a Cadillac amp of its era. Have you had the chassis out? As to the tilt backs, how clean is the work on the inside of the cab?

I have seen inside the chassis, it's all untouched and very neat. Clean as well as the amp was always covered it's whole life .
The work on the inside of the cab is very clean. No sloppy drilling or uneven holes. They are very sturdy as well.
What a find. Was it a deal or a long search. ??
It was a walk in the door deal. I met the guy randomly at a shop I hang out at (Gilmore Guitars in Red Deer). He was there trying out a custom guitar and we talked and both realized we love and collect old Fenders. He said he has a few amps he may consider moving as he has owned many of them since the 60's and doesent play much anymore. The price was very right and an hour later I was taking it home .
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Thanks for the info !!! Greatly appreciated .

I was reading on another forum about the JBL speakers thing and there seemed to be a few different answers going around, But your probably right especially on the tilt back legs. They are a great little addition though and I think will come in handy .

jbl speakers in brownface amps
I really really like that vibrolux ! Wow.

I have a 1961 brown Super Amp ....kind of similar in that regard. After playing the super and now the Deluxe I am finding that I really love the Brownface era of Fender best of all .
Wow and congrats! Gilmore guitars is great...he's worked on my Tele a few times and I've tried his acoustics everytime I've dropped by.

Yeah, he is great ! Not only an amazing Luthier ( I have two of his beautiful acoustics) but his customer service and the community he has built around his shop is second to none !
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