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Kijiji whoring again.
I looked at an ad for 5 mins wondering whether to post a 'kijiji alert' thread or not.
I chose 'not' and contacted the seller.

Not really sure of the year yet.
I has the 'eminence' fender speaker in it.
I couldn't resist it as a package deal with the Tele that I also picked up.

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I'm not sure what year mine is but I had a tech (supposedly) adjust an internal knob which tamed the drive channel some and made it more useable. I think he also did something to tighten the bass a bit. I dunno exactly but it cost me $60 and it sounds much better.

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Ok .. so my wife went out shopping for a hour and it gave me a chance to put this puppy through it's paces.
I know what to expect from my SG so I used that.

This amp goes to 12 on all dials (up yer's Nigel fans!:D)
It can get pretty loud. I like! +1
I found that the clean channel breaks up too soon for me, at around 4, 5 on the dial.
The drive channel sounds distorted to me. I prefer an overdriven 'crunch'.
The 2 button foot pedal is smooth when switching (clean/gain/boost).
I rarely use reverb. The one on this amp is very nice though. I set it at 2.

I now understand (somewhat) what Fender aficionado's like about their amps.
It's a different sound, unfortunately, not for me.

After 1/2 hour of muckin' around, I set up my Traynor Ironhorse beside it.
I'll be keeping the Iron and maybe using the Hotrod as trade bait down the road.
One tube amp is sufficient for me.
I know that I can get different tubes or speaker, but, I don't think that I'll invest into it.
I'll wait until I have a chance to jam with it before making a decision.
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