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Well since Iam going out to get my new Telecaster in about a week, I decided to mod my shitty, but lovable Squier Strat. It started out as a S/S/S Standard Squier Iam now upgrading it with.

- Gold Locking Tuners (In The Mail)
- Graphite Nut (Done)
- Paint Headstock (Done)
- Bridge Humbucker (Done)
- LED's (Done)
- Convert Trem to Hardtail (Work In Progress)
- Paint Body (Done)
- 2 Way PU toggle (Done)
- On/Off for LED's (Done)
- 1 Vol Pot (Done)
- Pearloid H/S/S Pickgaurd (Done)

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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