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My new braz boarded R9 is coming home

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Some of you might remember, I shipped my 2001 R9 Les Paul to Historic Makeovers in the States 6 weeks ago for their 'D' upgrade:
- 50's style trussrod with no 'condom'
- brazilian fretboard installed with hide glue
- 50s style inlays
- bone nut, refret

It's done now (their first 'D' package btw) and on Fedex.
The other packages all include refinishing/aging. As my guitar is an ex-Mick Ralphs, I didn't want the refin.

Here's some pix:
Before, note the brown board, round cornered white inlays:


I've got a thread on this running on the LPF, but thought many of you guys probably don't hang out there. And, well, I really wanted to show it off
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I've seen your name around the LPF. Haven't seen the thread yet though. One very beautiful axe.

Tell you what,... LOOK INTO MY EYES :eek: :eek: :eek:
You are feeling sleepy, very sleepy.
You will now give me that guitar, give me that guitar....

Nice fingerboard....and the rest of the guitar looks pretty good too :D
I don't know if I asked before, but has she been pigtailed?
Absolutely gorgeous... your putting very bad ideas in my head! Drool
Jeff Flowerday said:
I don't know if I asked before, but has she been pigtailed?
no, this one hasn't. It's got the Gibson lightweight TP, and I changed out the studs to real 50's. I, no kidding, found them in my basement.

My '60 Melody Maker has a Pigtail intonatable wrap tail with Pigtail studs, and my '74 Custom is also sporting Pigtail Studs. I actually had a set of Pigtail studs in the R9, but then I found some real ones, so..
no, I removed the switch tip and the pickguard prior to shipping. Safer that way I think. If you look at those tips wrong they break.
Wow, that is so nice. I have an 82 LP which I just don't seem to be bonding with just yet....maybe I need more time, but that LP you have there is SWEET.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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