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After my Fishman AURA Spectrum DI stopped working, I decided to switch things up and I ordered one of those new Boss AD-10 acoustic preamps. Here's my take on it so far.

I am currently trying out the unit using my Martin 12 string with undersadle pick up w/Fishman Presys+. I have no other effects in the mix and the o/p is going to a pair of Yamaha monitors (not an amp). I have not tried other types of pick ups yet.

So. I got my AD-10 a few days ago and already there is an issue. The Chorus fx does not work. Tried everything including a factory reset but still nothing. It'll have to go back.

Otherwise, here are some prelim pros and cons from my point of view.

  • Sounds amazingly pure and clean - best I have ever heard. No hiss no hums.
  • Mixable inputs for 2-pickup guitar or 2 different guitars
  • Extensive EQ to sculpt your sound a million different ways
  • Impressive anti feedback and acoustic resonance to further enhance sound
  • No need for external tuner, looper, compressor, reverb, delay or chorus (or amp, actually)
  • 2 L/R o/p one xlr and one qtr inch with optional pre or post fx
  • Up to 10 global memory presets (will be so handy for my 5 different acoustics)
  • Most features fully programmable for complete control of your sound
  • USB compatible as a direct interface to your DAW/computer (no need for separate DAW interface anymore)
  • Boost footswitch for those louder solos
    (Did I mention that it sounds incredibly pure and crisp?)
Cons: Some minor, some major (to me)
  • No dedicated headset jack (you have to use one of the o/p jacks)!
  • No L/R balance controls for the o/p
  • Looper is only 80 seconds and loops cannot be stored
  • FX loop is mono-only (I wish it was stereo)
  • Display panel SUCKS! It is tiny and incredibly "Mickey Mouse" in this day&age of stunning displays on everything. It is confusing with very cryptic 2-symbol characters for which you need the manual to decipher. This is the worst part of the unit, I think.

Lastly, I tried to contact Boss Support but to no avail as the link in Roland Canada for "Boss Service" is actually invalid. I have contacted my excellent Dealer to figure out what to do with the Chorus issue but I have to say that trying to get a hold of Boss Warranty Service has so far been frustrating and underwhelming (unlike Fishman and TC Helicon who have stellar and lighting fast service)

My 2 cents ... for now.
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