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Hey.. dunno how many of you read my thread on making my choice.. i said i would post some pictures so here they are..

It's an Epiphone LP Custom in Silverburst.. i had a lot of issues getting my hands on this guitar..

Originally i wanted the Black Custom but i was surfing the web and i luckily came across this colour and fell in love with it.. i search and i finally found it at Guitar Center... so i called the one in Buffalo and the rep there said he has to check if he can even get it for me.. so he called back and said yes it will be here in a week..

i was going to buffalo anyway so it was perfect.. i get a call from him a week later saying they are having trouble with the people shipping it and it'll take 2 months.. i was like blah.. so i called Long and Mcquade and they did not disappoint to disappoint.. they said they had it in Calgary.. and it was NEW.. 2 weeks later i called them and they said it's USED!! blah.. but luckily Guitar center rep called me and said the guitar arrived to his surprise. so i went to get it last weekend..

so after that long story.. here are the pictures ; > enjoy.. i woulda gotten the Gibson one but eh.. i dun have $3000 to spend... not bad for my first guitar..

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