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My new amp arrives tomorrow (GC Amplifiers GC 15 Blues)

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I made a post about this builder in the Canadian builders thread. He works out of Waterloo, and sells his amps through Woodshed Music in Guelph.

It's being delivered it tomorrow, but he sent photos of the finished product tonight.

This is a GC Amplifiers GC Blues 15 made out of African Boire

-15 watt, cathode biased power tubes, 2-EL84, and/or 2-6V6 tubes. (switchable)
-12AX7 preamp tubes, 5Y3 rectifier tube.
-Full tone stack: volume, treble, middle, bass, and output controls.
-Weber Alnico or ceramic speaker.

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NICE! If it sounds anywhere close to as good as it looks, it's a winner!

One dancing banana for you!


I actually played several of the guys amps before picking a design and refining it to my needs. I got to go through cabinet, speakers, wiring options, transformer options and everything. So I can tell you right now the amps sound incredible.

I don't know if I can plug a web site in this part of the forum, but I posted a link to his site in the Canadian Builder sticky. If you want to check out some more info on his stuff you visit that thread. It's the last post in the thread.
That amp looks sweet. What did that set you back??

If ever I develop enough skill to play reasonably well, that amp will definitely be on my list!!:bow:
Are you going to,... gasp ... gig with that?
Robert, I don't think I will be gigging with it. Jamming with it, but not bar gigs or anything :) . But that is as much because I just don't gig much anymore. The amps are built well and I wouldn't worry about it. He told me that if that cabinet gets scratches you can just buff them out and reapply oil.

SInce people are asking questions about prices etc., I will post a link to his site. . If it's not ok to post the link, feel free to remove it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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