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My LP has come back to life.

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Well a while ago I acquired a Epi DOT. While it sounded very good, I went and replaced the stock pickups with Gibson Classic '57s. The DOT is now my #1 guitar. I love this thing.

Tonight I decided to swap the stock pickups in my Gibson LP Studio with the stock Dot pickups. God what a difference. It sounds much more dynamic and clear than with the LP pickups. I've had this LP for around 10 years and it's been a sleeper till now.

The stock LP pickups are much hotter than the stock Dot pickups witch are in fact Epi's Classic 57's so I guess I've just learned that I prefer low output pickups.

The end.

On a side note, the Dot's pickups are nickel and all the hardware on my LP are gold. So i'll probably swap the pickups for gold Classic '57s or something similar some time.

Tone Emporium has a gold 59 set for 115$, maybe i'll try those.
The Tone Emporium Guitar Pickups

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I find the Classic 57's a little dark in the neck, are Seth Lovers a little brighter?
They definitely are, one of the clearer neck pickups that I'd heard, they were in a Hamer Artist Custom a semi-hollow.
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