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My Lil' Dawg Tweed 'SuperDawg' is finished

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I just got the photos last night from Jim (the builder at Lil' Dawg). The amp will be shipped next week. It's an SF4, but with a 1x12 configuration (I wanted to cut down on weight a little).

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If it sounds a great as it looks, you should have a winner there.
Cool. It's got the look of TONE!

What speaker and tubes are in there?
Tell us more about the amp. Is this based on a tweed super?
Ya it's a Tweed Super (SF4 circuit). The only change being that it's running a 12 inch speaker. It's got a ceramic Jensen C12K in it right now. That is just what Jim puts in them stock. I don't know if i will swap it or not, I will wait to see. He also uses a deeper cabinet in all of his amps. It makes them sound amazing. I think the dimensions are 22x16x11, and it weighs under 40 lbs.

To be honest I don't know all the specific on the tubes. Jim has a large collection of NOS tubes, and for newer tubes he uses JJ's. I believe he said he was going with NOS Sylvania 6L6's, JJ 5AR4 rectifier, and JJ preamp tubes. I will also likely get a NOS 5UG4 rectifier tube as well.

I tend to go with Jim's recommendations when it comes to tubes and speakers. He has done a lot of experimenting, so he's got good ideas.

I can't wait to get the amp. I had one of his Champster Specials and it was incredible quality. Especially for the price. I decided I wanted something a little bigger though. I sold the Champster to a guy on these forums though (Magic Twanger) and he is thrilled with it. I think he's even going to be getting a second Li'l Dawg.

I know everyone on these forums is all about supporting Canadian builders. But I just can't afford it. And Jim's a great guy. I can highly recommend his amps.
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Is that you selling the Champster on Craigslist ???
Nice looking amp, looking forward to hearing how it sounds, congrats.
Robert1950 said:
Is that you selling the Champster on Craigslist ???
Ya, a forum member ending up buying the Champster. It didn't stay for sale for long.

I am pretty sure I had the ad up on here as well.
torndownunit said:
Ya, a forum member ending up buying the Champster. It didn't stay for sale for long.

I am pretty sure I had the ad up on here as well.
Man, too bad. I was thinking this was great alternative to a Fender Pro Junior. Costs a little more. And ~12 watts too. Dayum!!

Oh, and how clean was it with the 12AT7 ???
Man for true Fender tone the Champster demolished a Pro Junior. Mainly because you could run it on either 6L6 or 6V6 tubes in it where the Pro Junior is EL84. And with the 6L6 it was likely closer to 15 watts. Not to mention the L'il Dawgs have a 16" deep cabinet which makes them sound HUGE. It a subtle change in design, but man the effect is crazy.

And keep in mind for the asking $600 price this amp came with Weber 12A125 which is run close to $175-200 by the time you import one to Canada. From that perspective (and that fact that it's hand built) I think it was way more of a deal then a Pro Junior.

Running 12AT7 or 12AY7's it could stay fairly clean actually. But I noticed you'd lose a slight bit of volume as well. I mainly played it with the 12AT7 because that sort of seemed to be the comprimise between 12AX7 and 12AY7.

I offered the amp to my friends before posting and I can't believe they all passed on it. The one guy has had to have his Blues Jr. replaced 3 times in 2 years. He could have got the the Champster off me for about the same price as the Blues Jr.

I heard recently he has stopped taking orders on amp because he is up to over a years wait now.
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