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since I've meandered in the world of specialty picks I've been around the block. Upon discovering v-picks, my playing and endurance have both improved.

My initial winner for some time bye has been the venom (the green one). It's light (1.2mm), knife hand shaped edge, soft shoulders, crips ponted tip.

Bottom left in photo.

Well there's another one in that same photo that I gave a 2 hour run with: the Farley

Wow is it amazing. Fat tone, super soft touch, 2.75mm, rounded edges, crisp tip (knife edge) yet a rounder tip (shape wise like the fusion).

I did a recording with it last night. I'll try and post. @sulphur ordered a few of these (on backorder till early this week). Made me think to really force myself to learn all about it. It's sweet man. Like jazz meets raunchy blues rock.

From the v-picks website
2.75mm -1 1/8″ long –
1″ wide –

Very nice mid-range bump. Sparkly highs. Quite comfortable as well. Easy to play fast with this pick for both rhythm and lead.Designed with and for my good friend and guitarist extraordinaire, Dean Farley. This “Farley” signature V-Pick was modeled after a pick that Scalar Designs Strings’ Dean Farley received from the famed jazz guitarist, Johnny Smith way back in 1979-1980. Dean fell in love with the shape of this pick but already knew the benefits of a much thicker pick. Ironically, at around that same period, Vinni Smith was developing his V-Picks about 60 miles away from where Dean lived in Silicon Valley. Recently, Vinni made some prototypes for Dean and he was floored with the results. This pick turned out to be the most versatile V-PICK for Dean in the fact that it could be used in every conceivable application (on any electric or acoustic 6 or 12-string guitar with effortless ease). It also has multi-tonal personalities. Who knows, you might also find the “Farley” V-Pick to blow your mind too!
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