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I read my ccard agreement pretty well last time I got my card renewed. It is my understanding that if a charge is made without my authorisation, and the charge is not made by a family member of mine, the bank will not hold me liable.

I make a lot of "weird" high value purchases, stuff like music equipment and other things for my hobby. Heck, I just charged an $8K piece of jewelery to my card this week and no call from visa to see if its me or not. But some of my friends get a phone call nearly every purchse they make if its past a certain amount.

I do a lot of online purchasing and feel its as safe as giving my card number to a person on the phone who could also be a thief and rip me off too, right?

Sorry to hear that you got burned. I have had a few of my cards stolen when my business got broken into, and just having to cancel them, wait for new cards and activate them, make sure all the companies I deal with get the new ##, etc is a royal pain in the @ss.

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