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Just thought I'd share this experience. Some time ago, I stumbled upon various threads in different forums where jazz guitar players were enjoying the tone they were getting when playing their archtops through bass amps. Being both a bass and jazz guitar player, I decided to try it. Since both my bass amps have no effects built in whatsoever, it was something I avoided.

So I plugged in my EQ700 and JZ4 into my Peavey Max 110 bass amp for starters, and was quite surprised that I could dial in "that tone" I'd been looking for. Since I like to play with a bit of reverb, I picked up an inexpensive Behringer DR100 to add to it, which did the trick for me. I later took my pedals and archtop to my drummers house where my larger bass amp resides, and did the same thing. Again, wonderful tone.

Thought this would be of interest.

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