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We were actually in country music territory last night
Personally I've found playing in "country music territory" to be the proverbial box of cracker jacks - you never know what you're going to get (or at least what you're going to end up playing). I should note that my old cover band was roughly two-thirds classic, one-third modern and no-thirds country. We'd throw a token country tune or two in each night but playing one set of country (let alone three) was not a possibility.

I found playing the same "country music territory" bars with more-or-less the same demographic in the house each night that one gig the flavour is all ACDC/Sabbath/Zeppelin, the next it's Eagles/Beatles/Hip and the next it's Killers/Audioslave/Green Day. I suppose that's one of the benefits of doing a live performance of any kind - you just never know.

As an aside I also noticed that "country music territory" bars have the best scraps. If I'm going to be underpaid I might as well be amused (kidding ... er, sort of... keep the cast iron mic stands in front and the tripods at the back).
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